The Principality of Monaco - an exceptional place : a tiny territory, but so great name. This is a meeting point of the international celebrities, artists and just successful people. You will always dream to come back…

History :

Monaco has a colourful and fascinating history filled with barbarians, kings and even a movie star. It is a story of castles, epic battles and untold riches. In 1997, the Principality of Monaco celebrated the 700 year reign of the Grimaldi dynasty. It all began on January 8, 1297 when François Grimaldi dressed as a Franciscan monk, seized the fortress protecting the famous rock of Monaco and the port of Hercules.

Location :

Monaco has a privileged location at the heart of Mediterranean Europe. The Principality is nestled between Alps and Mediterranean Sea, bounded by the French Riviera to the west and the Italian Riviera to the east. It is spread over 2 km2 and just 12 km from the Italian border.

Climate :

Monaco’s accessibility and mild climate make it naturally favourable to tourism, probably its best known activity besides gaming. On average, the Principality enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year.
Average temperatures: Spring 17,2C – 63F

Summer 22,9C – 73,2F
Autumn 14,3C – 57,8F
Winter 10,7C – 51,2F

Population :

Monaco has 32,020 (6,089 Monégasque citizens) 19% Monegasque, 32% French, 20% Italian.

Official Language :

French is the Principality`s first language, but some natives speak the ancient Monegasque. English and Italian are also widely spoken.

Currency :

The legal tender in Monaco is the Euro €

Religion :

Catholicism is the official State religion, although the Constitution guarantees freedom of worship. The Protestant, Anglican, Greek Orthodox and Jewish religions are represented within the Principality.

The Powers of the Prince :

H.S.H. Prince Albert II acceded to the throne in 2005. He is of the House of Grimaldi, which dates from the Middle Ages. Succession to the throne is by direct and legitimate descent and in order of age, males having predominance over females of equal kin. He is a Head of State and represents the Principality in relations with foreign powers.

Monaco, along with Liechtenstein and Vatican City is one of only three states in Europe where the monarch still plays an active role in day-to-day politics. The Prince exercises his authority in accordance with the Constitution and laws. He represents the Principality in all foreign relations and any revision, either total or partial, of the Constitution, must be jointly agreed to by the Prince and the National Council.

Legislative power is divided between the Prince who initiates the laws and the National Council which votes on them. Executive power is retained by the Prince. The Minister of State and the Government Council are directly responsible to the Prince for the administration of the Principality.

Judiciary powers also belong to the Prince, the present Constitution states that the Prince has full authority in the courts and tribunals which render justice in his or her name.
Albert II, also grants amnesty and Monegasque citizenship and bestows orders, titles and other ranks of distinction.

The Tax System :

Monaco is often regarded as a tax haven and many of its inhabitants are wealthy and from foreign countries making up a majority of the population, at around 84%. Monaco levies no income tax on individuals.

Business income tax for companies is the only direct tax levied by the government. Since 1 January 1993 this tax rate has been 33,33%.

Entry and Stay of Foreigners in the Principality : Persons wishing to stay for a period of more than 3 months in Monaco must apply for a visa from their nearest French Consular Authorities.

Museums & Attractions :

Royal & Historic: Prince's Palace, Place du Palais, Condamine Market, Monte-Carlo Opera House, Historic Archives, Old Town, Wax Museum of the Princes of Monaco, The Prince of Monaco's Private Collection of Classic Cars, Museum of the Chapel of Visitation, Historic Archives, Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, Museum of Stamps and Coins, Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium

Gardens: Casino Gardens & Terraces, Exotic Garden, Observatory Caves Fontvieille Park, Princess Grace Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Zoological Terraces


Churches & Religious Sites :

Chapel of Mercy, Church of Saint-Charles, Church of Sainte-Devote, Monaco Cathedral, Museum of the Chapel of Visitation

Other :

Café de Paris, Le Sporting Monte-Carlo, Sun Casino



Monte-Carlo Rally, Monaco Grand Prix, Tennis Masters Series Monte-Carlo, Golf's Monte Carlo Open

Social Life :

The Rose Ball, The Ball “Red Cross”, Monaco Yacht Show, Mont-Carlo Circus Festival, JEANSATION – International Jeans Design Contest

Where to stay :

Luxury Hotels: Hotel de Paris, Hermitage, Metropole Palace, Le Méridien Beach Plaza