"Haute Couture Inspiration"- creative Theme of the 1st edition

The First edition of the JEANSATION Guide is dedicated to young designers who are inspired by the DENIM & JEANS fashion concept: evening and wedding garments, "futuristic" and luxury jeans and much more... This is the wonderful world of "JEANSATION": sensation of "jeans style".... 


Each page of the Guide illustrates the unique and original Talent, the ability for creative collaboration and real passion for the JEANS concept – a unique “fashion language” which unites all generations, social groups and cultures all around the World.

The 2nd edition of the JEANSATION Guide:

"The Friendly World" - this is creative theme of the competition: designers from 22 countries will express their innovative vision for the future of JEANS fashion.


Coming soon. 

JEANSATION Guide is available as a Album-issue and PDF copy:


- Album -  45€ (+ delivery by regular post)

- PDF copy - 15€ (by e-mail)


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