"JEANS" phenomena

DENIM Artwork - DENIMU (UK / Sweden)


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Jeans - a most extraordinary phenomena originating as far back as the fifteenth century, rise to the most constant and revolutionary fashion icon of the twentieth century.


The name "Blue Jeans" finds it's source in the French translation for Genova (Gênes) the place, from which these blue trousers were first sold to the Genoese Navy around the 1500s and worn by the General Garibaldi's troops during The Battle of Marsala in 1860.


In 1853 a German-Jewish immigrant by the name of Levi Strauss sold blue jeans under the name of "Levis" to the mining communities in California. These trousers were made with a sturdier fabric manufactured in the French town of Nîmes,( the root of the word “denim”). Blue jeans provided a tough and durable workers clothing. Further on, copper rivets were added to reinforce points of strain such as the zipper and the pockets in which the miners stored their findings of precious stones and minerals.


Denim was used as a workers garment well into the twentieth century and beyond the Second World war but in the 1950s young, inspiring stars such as Elvis Presley, James Dean and Marlon Brando adopted denim jeans as a mild statement against conformity.


The jeans icon was born and from this moment on would become a symbol of youth and American identity, of comfort and Freedom.

Denim has proved a creative commodity for many designers and has developed a variety of styles and shapes for men, women and children. Jeans have been embroidered, painted, frayed, stonewashed, cut and slashed, flared, rendered skinny studded with jewels, transformed into dresses, coats, swimwear and continue to be a source of inspiration to all.


JEANSATION opens the way into the new fashion of XXI century.
Young Jeans designers, we welcome you to an exciting and creative Event where you may excel in what you do best - producing exceptional designs and innovative collections!