JEANSATION: concept & event

Yan Zion (Australia) - JEANSATION2

Today, "JEANS concept" has become a veritable global fashion and social phenomenon, and a fabulous source of innovation for young creators everywhere.  From South American culture, to the art history of Japan and the decorative luxurious fabrics of Europe, the jeans industry is exploding with many different influences expressed by today’s Youth.


JEANSATION international Project  is a real opportunity which opens the door to the international fashion market for these young designers and helps them launch their professional careers in the industry.


JEANSATION - is an Evolution of the jeans & denim Identity, which is created today by the mostly young ingenious fashion designers all over the world.


JEANSATION - is a global design Platform which unites young jeans designers to the new Creative Community in order to reveal new names and help them to launch their professional career.


JEANSATION - is an International Event, held in Monte-Carlo:  the venue perfectly asserts the new Identity of Denim by the unique blend of Traditions, Technology and Glamour.


Vidushi Saraf (India) - JEANSATION2



The core of this Event is the International Jeans Contest for Young Designers JEANSATION.


This is a unique and most creative Jeans Show in the World, devoted to  Denim Fashion and those, who have a passion for pioneering in Style.


This  is a new “must visit” Destination, where the new  Jeans design Stars will  be born.


The JEANSATION unites young designers from different countries and continents for the presentation of their original and innovative collections and exclusive garments infront of the international professional Jury.